Jazz aesthetic making a comeback in homes this year

Jazz aesthetic in home | Image Credit: housedigest.com
Jazz aesthetic in home | Image Credit: housedigest.com

Play your albums and turn on the mood lights. Adding touches of the Jazz Age to your interior design will make it very unique.

It just takes a cursory look at the last several decades’ home décor patterns to see that, in terms of current trends, old is new again. Similar to fashion, trends frequently follow a cycle, coming and disappearing as subsequent generations add their own unique touches to timeless styles. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that one of the most recent forecasts for 2024 is reminiscent of the past. The 2024 Pinterest Predicts study states that this year, the jazz aesthetic will become more popular in a variety of fields, including music, fashion, and even home décor and design.

Here’s what interior designers have to say about incorporating this sombre, {saxxy~ look into your house.

What Is the Aesthetic of Jazz?

The Jazz Age, which took place in the 1920s and 1930s and was marked by the Black community’s introduction of jazz to mainstream music, serves as the inspiration for the jazz aesthetic. Though it was a period of significant economic and social change (the Prohibition Era, women’s suffrage, the aftermath of World War I, etc.), this era is much more than just music; it produced a unique culture. 

Although jazz was formerly considered a counterculture movement, with young people using it as a means of self-expression and independence in illegal speakeasies, it is today regarded as a classic, traditional type of music.

The aesthetic you think of today is a combination of the dancing techniques, clothes, music, clubs, and alternative attitude of the era. It has rich and gloomy colour schemes, glitzy accents, darkly lit areas, vintage accents, individualism, and—of course—a strong emphasis on music.

The creator and lead designer of Julia Adele Design, Julia Newman, says, “It’s hardly surprising that we’re seeing this trend popularised this year because jazz is all about individual expression.”

Nostalgia and fearless individuality are in in all spheres of life, including interior design. The days of identical couch sets in every house and sterile-looking interiors are long gone. People are embracing old home goods, breaking conventions in their homes and personal life, and finding methods to create warm settings that represent their individuality and likes. It fits well into the definition of what makes jazz, jazz.

Accepting the Jazz Style at Home

Adopting the jazz aesthetic at home may be accomplished by adhering to a few basic guidelines.

“The art deco shapes and melancholy, dark colour palettes combined with a speakeasy atmosphere are what define the jazz aesthetic,” explains Sarah Storms, main designer and creator of Styled by Storms, an interior design company. “The idea is to create a sensual, intimate space that seems like an old school lounge.”

Use a lot of dark wood tones, curved shapes, dim lighting, melancholy colours, and stacked old items around your house to create that sultry, speakeasy vibe.

Imagine banquettes, settees, or sofas covered in channelled velvet or leather, along with fringed lamp shades on a side table. then wall sconces and chandeliers in particular should have sculpture-like silhouettes, according to Storms.

Basically, a bar cart is a need. To truly capture the speakeasy vibe, dress yours up with crystal decanters and glasses. If you have a jazz record collection and a record player, set aside a space to showcase your albums. You may hang album covers on your walls or arrange them on shelves to create new, unique works of art.

“To expedite this effect, you may use some jazz-age posters, record covers, or black and white photographs,” advises Caroline Kopp, the lead designer and creator of Caroline Kopp Interior Design.

Kopp suggests playing lots of jazz music to help complete your environment and embrace the culture, even if you don’t have a record player.

According to her, “Spotify offers a tonne of entertaining current jazz playlists to suit all preferences.” Requiring high-quality speakers is essential for achieving a gorgeous evening atmosphere, so remember to incorporate them into your design plan.


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