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At Minnesota Residential Remodeling, we provide a wide range of finished carpentry services and Millwork to our customers. We have the ability to offer customized carpentry solutions for a variety of any home renovation needs.
Custom Built-In Wall Units

Custom Built-In Wall Units

They are a great option for prefabricated cabinets and areas with hard angles. They add a custom feel to your home or project.

Custom Wall Paneling

Custom Wall Paneling

We specialize in crafting curved or straight wood panels using finished and unfinished wood in a variety of wood types.

Coffered Ceilings & Beams

Primarily used in ancient libraries, old buildings, castles, and historic homes, coffered ceilings add another level of elegance.


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Cathedral Ceiling Installation

  • Carpentry Service
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  • Pitched Ceiling Installation
  • Domed Ceiling Installation
  • Raised Ceiling Installation
  • Trim Carpentry
  • Sloped Ceiling Installation
  • Vaulted Ceiling Installation

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