An Open Assessment of Wishbone Dresser by Rove Concept

Wishbone Dresser by Rove Concept | Image Credit: Pinterest
Wishbone Dresser by Rove Concept | Image Credit: Pinterest

Selecting the appropriate furniture may significantly improve the appearance of your bedroom. Of course, functionality is another crucial factor in my opinion. I think a dresser is the most essential piece of bedroom furniture since I love to buy and wear things. Apart from the bed itself, which can be covered up with different bedding, it’s usually the main attraction in a bedroom, so I wanted it to be visually appealing, stylish, and—above all—roomy enough to accommodate all of my things.

I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to test out the Wishbone Dresser in my house when Rove Concepts contacted me about it. I go over the qualities, layout, and advantages and disadvantages of the Rove Concepts Wishbone Dresser below, along with my thoughts on why I think it would look great in any bedroom.

What is the Rove Concept Wishbone Dresser’s design style?

With a hint of bohemian flair from the cane embellishments, the Wishbone Dresser by Rove Concepts is the epitome of modern, minimalist design. It’s constructed from a pale, nearly white-grey wood, yet while being somewhat colder, it nevertheless radiates warmth. The colour of the dresser perfectly completes the overall colour scheme of my bedroom, which consists mostly of tan, white, orange, and yellow accents with touches of gold. The cane decoration, which embraces the edges of the dresser and gives a very traditional item visual interest, is something I adore. All in all, it’s very classic!

What is the Wishbone Dresser’s operational efficiency?

Naturally, the Wishbone Dresser is a very useful piece of furniture in addition to its aesthetic appeal. There is enough room for all of my clothes in the six roomy drawers, and there is also a large, functional surface area to hold ornamental objects like jewellery and décor. The premium metal runners allow each drawer to open and close with ease. The soft-close feature completes the seamless experience.

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It’s difficult to say for sure how durable the dresser is because I’ve only had it for a few months and it’s still in excellent shape, but the craftsmanship seems to be so excellent that I can’t see it deteriorating anytime soon.

What are the Rove Concepts Wishbone Dresser’s measurements and specifications?

The dimensions of the dresser are 62 inches wide by 19 inches deep and 30.4 inches tall. It has curved natural cane web decoration, white wood veneer construction, and soft-close engineered drawers with finger pull handles. The weight restriction is 176.4 pounds maximum.

How did the shipping and assembly go?

I had the good fortune to receive the dresser in its original box, completely constructed. To be quite honest, I’m not sure whether that’s how the dresser comes every time, but I was happy that the assembly did not collapse on me in the slightest. On the other side, the delivery took a bit more effort. To begin with, Rove texts or contacts you to assist with arranging a delivery date; however, Tuesdays were the only day that was accessible (at least that I was told). Due to my weekly Tuesday office visits, my birth was delayed by several weeks. The organizer and I exchanged several emails before deciding on a delivery date, which caused the delivery to be delayed by almost one month. Although it’s not a big concern, the coordination took a little longer than I had anticipated.

I requested standard delivery on the day of delivery, so the dresser may be left in front of my building but not inside my apartment or at my door. Of course, that’s relatively common, but I know I’d need to make extra preparations because I live on the second level of my apartment building.

In the end, I just paid extra on Lugg to hire movers to assist me transport the dresser up the stairs and into my room. It worked out well, but there was a cost associated with hiring movers. (Alright, much less expensive than Rove’s White Glove Delivery service.)

What is the price of the Wishbone Dresser?

I would be negligent if I did not disclose the Wishbone Dresser’s price, as it is undoubtedly not an inexpensive purchase. It’s actually a significant investment at $2,427. However, on the basis of quality, workmanship, and timeless appeal alone, the cost appears to be justified. I have a feeling that I will own this piece of furniture for a very long time.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the Rove Concepts Wishbone Dresser is a gorgeous piece of furniture that skillfully blends style and utility. For those looking to improve the organization and décor of their bedroom, it’s a great option because of its modern appearance, ample storage, sturdy construction, and simple assembly. Even though it costs more, I know it’s a timeless investment that I can use for many years to come in a variety of places in my house.


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