Visual Comfort & Co. gives Homewood a unique touch

Visual Comfort & Co. gives Homewood a unique touch | Image Credit:
Visual Comfort & Co. gives Homewood a unique touch | Image Credit:

After a year and a half of operation, the Visual Comfort & Co. showroom on 18th Street South in Homewood has drawn positive feedback from the neighborhood, according to manager Jennifer Edwards.

Edwards described Homewood as “very attractive, and it has our target market that lives here and surrounding the region.” “People go window shopping in this extremely charming location.”

The store provides a wide range of lighting fixture options in different sizes and finishes, from ceiling fans to chandeliers.

Visual Comfort started off in Savannah in 1998 and has now grown to over 50 sites. Customers may experience a blend of small-town charm and metropolitan sophistication within the showroom.

“The wide range of products we provide is something you won’t find anyplace else,” Edwards stated.

At Visual Comfort & Co., well-known designer labels like Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren are among them. The business can creatively work with each customer and their budget, and it also sells the Visual Comfort trademark collection.

For especially complex lighting projects, Brenton Bellamy, the store’s architectural lighting specialist, may offer assistance.

According to Edwards, “We can create any unique item that is required, from painting the interior of certain ceramic or metal light fixture shades to customizing wall sconces.”


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