How to Use Emoji Kitchen iOS, Android, and Web Versions of Google

Emoji Kitchen on Android, iPhone and Browser | Image Source:
Emoji Kitchen on Android, iPhone and Browser | Image Source:

The Unicode Consortium adds a new collection of emojis to represent every facet of life each year, including the phoenix, shaking head, Korean heart sign, and more. Sometimes, though, you just can’t find the perfect emoji to convey your conflicted emotions. The emoji kitchen on Google is a lifesaver in situations like those.

It enables you to quickly build an emoji combination by adding various emojis. Google’s emoji kitchen was previously exclusive to Android users with the Gboard keyboard, but it is now accessible on all devices through Google Search. This is how you apply it.

Create Emoji Combinations on Android using Gboard

1. On your Android phone, install Gboard (Free). Gboard for iPhones does not have this Emoji Kitchen function.

2. Verify that your default keyboard is Gboard.

3. Select any messaging app now, then hit the keyboard’s “emoji” symbol.

4. Just add two or three emojis in this area, and Gboard will display a combination straight away. The Gboard app will provide more choices in a carousel as well.

5. The created emoji may now be tapped to send it to the user.

Use Android and iOS 1’s Emoji Kitchen feature from Google.

1. Launch the browser of your choice, or Chrome. Next, launch Google Search by going here.

2. In the search field, type “emoji kitchen” and hit Enter.

3. Select the “Get cooking” button from the first search result.

4. Select two emojis now, and it will automatically merge them. The “Randomise” option allows you to utilize random emojis.

5. The emoji output is now copyable, so you may use it wherever you like.

Integrate Emojis on Windows, macOS, and Linux Desktop and Web

1. Launch Chrome or your favorite browser if you’re on a desktop computer.

2. Similar to the preceding phase, search “emoji kitchen” on

3. The top option will be Google’s Emoji Kitchen. Start creating fun emoji combinations by clicking the “Get cooking” button.

4. After you select the emoji combination, a special emoji will be generated instantly. I’ve been having way too much fun sending my buddies absurd emoji combinations.


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