How Should Your Kitchen Remodel Go?

How Should Your Kitchen Remodel Go | Image Credit:
How Should Your Kitchen Remodel Go | Image Credit:

For many clients, the most stressful aspect of remodeling their kitchen is knowing they won’t have a kitchen for days or even weeks! A major kitchen makeover might take our remodeling team at New Life Bath & Kitchen anywhere from one to six weeks to complete. Yes, it all depends on how big and what kind of work needs to be done, but our team works exclusively on that one remodeling project until it is finished. They are at the house Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and do not leave to work on other renovation projects. Our goal is for the task to go as efficiently and rapidly as feasible, and we are dependable. How would you manage, say, to survive four weeks without a kitchen?

First of all, unless it makes the most sense for you and your family, there is absolutely no need to move. The house’s other rooms are always habitable and easily accessible, with the exception of the kitchen. In order to avoid having to live through the inconvenience of renovating, we have had clients go on vacation. However, the drawback is that they are not present to verify details.

We need to be in constant communication with the homeowner in order to ensure their complete satisfaction. However, lodging at nearby motels or even at a friend’s or relative’s house could be a smart choice if you don’t want to reside in your house while the renovations are being done. As long as you can monitor developments and maintain communication with the project manager while being near to your house.

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It could be unsettling for those of you who use your kitchen and eat most of your meals at home to be without one for several weeks. Our clients frequently create “temporary” kitchens in their garages or other rooms of the house. Typically, they set up a table with a microwave and any other daily necessities, such as throwaway plates and cutlery.

When a customer plans to replace every equipment in the kitchen, they occasionally save a few of the older models, such as the refrigerator, to use in the interim while the new kitchen is being built.

Other excellent alternatives are to use your barbecue or camping equipment such as stovetop burners. Many believe that the only thing they can do while remodeling their kitchen is to dine out every night. For many of our clients, putting up a “temporary” kitchen has been fantastic, even though it can happen more frequently during this period.

Fortunately, big kitchen remodels at New Life Bath & Kitchen are finished in a matter of weeks—a fact that comes as a major shock to a lot of people. We’ve all probably heard horror stories of renovations gone wrong, such when a kitchen makeover took months or even years!

We stand by our name and guarantee to finish your task on schedule since we couldn’t fathom doing that to our clients. Hopefully, you will use some of these suggestions and choose the best contractor for you and your family when you renovate your kitchen in the future.


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