Home remodeling sector is benefiting from the mild winter temperatures in Minnesota

Minnesota home remodeling advantage news
Minnesota home remodeling industry taking advantage of warm winter weather

While several businesses are suffering from this mild winter weather, house remodeling is one that is benefiting.

“We’re roofing because we’re getting really busy, faster than we typically do. According to Minnesota Rusco general manager of sales Casey Fleury, “Our teams are prepared to undertake some roofing considerably early than typical.”

As of one week into February, there have been six days over 40 and four days with highs at or above 50. The folks at Minnesota Rusco are making the most of this winter’s warmth and lack of snow.

“The entire process of cleaning up is made considerably easier when there isn’t any snow on the ground,” Fleury said.

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Rather of waiting until spring, roofers and installers may complete tasks outside by spending more time due to the moderate conditions.

Fleury said, “Actually, the weather has a big impact on what we do and, of course, how quickly we do things when it’s not too cold.

Fleury expects his deck, siding, and roofing workers to be significantly busy in the future.

“This year has started off really well for us. Although the year is only getting started, he stated, “We anticipate growing quite a bit, moving from last year to this year.”

He hopes that this year the snow stays away for good, even if Fleury is his last name.

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“The lack of snow for those winter activities is a little strange, but we fully expect that it hopefully continues warm and we can keep everyone really active,” he remarked.


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