Home Depot Kids Workshops (2024) – All Should You Know

Home Depot Kids Workshops (2024) | Image Credit: austinfunforkids.com
Home Depot Kids Workshops (2024) | Image Credit: austinfunforkids.com

Are you trying to find the next Home Depot Kids Workshop Kit that’s FREE? Kids’ workshops at Home Depot have long been a Kidding Around favorite. We have been, we adore them, and so do our readers! To help you get the most out of your trip to the free kid-friendly seminars at Home Depot, we’ll share with you what we enjoy, why we love it, registration information, and some parent-only advice.

This article consists of:

  • Kids Workshop: Home Depot’s Upcoming Project
  • Discover the Home Depot Kids Workshop: Our Favorite Things to View for Yourself: Video Evaluation 2024
  • Schedule for the Home Depot Kids Workshop
  • How Do Home Depot’s Free Kids Workshops Operate?

Everything is free! Kids may get free workshop kits from Home Depot that include with everything required to finish the project. Without having to spend any money, these crafts are a great way to spend some quality time with the kids.
This post will walk you through a Home Depot Workshop 2024 for kids and outline all of the things you may anticipate.

Valentine’s Basket for February 2024

In February, take advantage of the Home Depot Kids Workshop to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Together, you will assemble a Valentine’s Basket. How enjoyable! Come by on February 3rd between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. It is recommended to register in advance.

News about Home Depot Kids Workshops

We had a conversation about these workshops over dinner with Fox Carolina, a local news source.

Handy fun for kids DIY Workshops

Discover The Kids Workshop at The Home Depot

We enjoy taking children to the seminars at Home Depot. We used the experiences of our KA Team to create this evaluation so you will know what to anticipate if you decide to come. The top three things are listed below!

  1. First off, every month on the first Saturday from 9 am to noon, The Home Depot hosts a variety of programs for their patrons, including these fantastic activities for kids.
  2. Second, be aware that they supply all the ingredients required to create the current craft. Just bring your child along. You’ll have to handle part of it yourself if you use the take-home kits.
  3. Third, you and your kid don’t require any prior expertise as handymen. While I’ve undoubtedly made mistakes when assisting my girls in building various things, it’s also a terrific learning experience for all of us and helps the kids with their hand-eye coordination.

Check It Out for Yourself! A Clip from Our Kids’ Visit to Home Depot

FREE Home Depot Kids Workshops (2024): Quality time with the kids
Free Home Depot Kids Workshop 2024 – kiddingaroundgreenville.com

Constructing and Painting

Everything in the crafts is always something you have to hammer together before painting. My girls have only sometimes struck my fingers with hammers and are both excellent with them. They also adore the painting portion of it.

Together, we have constructed a variety of items, including a mailbox, a little sled, a birdhouse, a vehicle, an airplane, a planter, and other small, kid-sized items.

Fortunately, there are directions for assembling it. I watch what the other parents do and I too cheat.

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How Home Depot’s Kids Workshops Operate

To find out if your local Home Depot has the kids’ workshop available, visit the URL for the kids’ workshop. They are found in the majority of the local stores.

Simply come up between 9 am and Noon (find the workshop area by looking around or ask an associate), and the kind staff at Home Depot will give you a package with step-by-step directions, the project, plus a kids apron and commemorative pin.

To ensure that you receive a kit, you can register online. Those who registered online will receive the kits first if there is a limited quantity. But typically, nothing goes wrong!

Several of the commemorative pins are displayed on my daughter’s Home Depot apron. Home Depot has tables and benches set up in their stores so you can sit down and get to work. They supply the paint, hammers, and tiny paintbrushes. It may get a little messy, so I try to have my kids wear clothes that I wouldn’t mind having paint on.

It’s so much pleasure to help them, but I have to stop myself. I’ve observed parents immerse themselves completely in the painting process, all while their child observes. Let the youngsters do it; after all, it’s their thing! In the process, kids are also learning how to do woodworking, which boosts their confidence.

More information: Kids’ Workshop at Home Depot, Free

Every month on the first Saturday, there are seminars for youngsters. It truly depends on the child and the number of children you are able to supervise at once.

This is a fantastic idea for a parent-child date, particularly for those who have limited time during the workweek.

Schedule of 2024 Home Depot Kids Workshop Kits

Every month on the first Saturday, Home Depot Kids offers free kits that may be completed in-store:

  • Delivery truck on January 6, 2024;
  • Valentine’s basket on February 3rd, 2024;
  • Butterfly house on March 2nd, 2024;
  • Lattice planter on April 6th, 2024;
  • Bloomin picture frame on May 4th, 2024;
  • Grill gift card box on June 1st, 2024;
  • Soccer game on July 6th, 2024; and
  • Whiteboard on August 3rd, 2024
  • Field Goal Game on September 7, 2024;
  • Fire Rescue Truck on October 5, 2024;
  • Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe on November 2, 2024;
  • Cocoa Ornament on November 30, 2024;
  • Holiday Snow Globe on December 7, 2024; and
  • Piggy Bank on January 4, 2025

FAQ for Home Depot’s Free Kids’ Workshops

How can I register for Home Depot’s free Kids’ Workshops?

Register at Home Depot Children. It’s the easiest method to guarantee that your children will have a kit available; it only takes a minute.

Is it difficult to assemble the Home Depot Kids’ Kits?

Remain calm. There are picture instructions supplied, so you and your children may finish the project without any specific building experience. Simply go and enjoy yourself. It is not required to be flawless.

Are the programs offered by Home Depot Kids truly free?

Yes. Completely free. After registering, spend some time creating something enjoyable with your children. There aren’t many free things in life these days, and there aren’t many chances to do fun activities with your kids at no cost. We appreciate Home Depot’s continued provision of free workshops. Now go and create some memories. You’ll always be glad that you spent time with your children.

For the Free Home Depot Kids’ Workshop, what age range is appropriate?

We would suggest ages three and up. The kids will require a lot of your assistance at three. However, as children become older, they’ll be able to work on the project on their own more and more.

Do other retailers provide more free kid-friendly programs and events?

  • Similar Free Kids’ Workshops are held once a month at Lowe’s.
  • JCPenney also hosts free children’s craft classes every month.


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