Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Prepare Your Roof for Winter | Image Credit:
Prepare Your Roof for Winter | Image Credit:

Do you recall the 2013–14 winter?

In Michigan, it was the second snowiest winter ever recorded. There was 131 inches of snow in Muskegon overall, which is 40 inches more than usual. At 68 inches, Lansing was 18 inches longer than average. At 91 inches, Detroit had the second-most snowfall and 50 inches over average, while Flint recorded 82 inches, the third-most snowfall and 36 inches above average.

The snowfall started early in the year and continued throughout. It was also the winter of extremely cold temperatures, brought on by a shift in the North Polar Vortex to the south, which persisted in many parts of the nation until March. Numerous flights were cancelled, and highways, businesses, and schools were shuttered.

If your roof wasn’t functioning correctly when you were at home, you probably remember it or regret it.

Winter’s Bite and Your Roof

Probably the worst moment to find out you have a roof issue is during a hard winter. Michigan winters are unpredictable, as the winter of 2015–16 would demonstrate. Even if last year’s winter was milder and drier than usual, you never know when another harsh one can strike.

You’re also going to have a headache if you try to solve difficulties when you truly need a lot of support when stuck in the thick of a winter storm.

You might be prompted to start getting ready for winter storms as the cooler weather approaches. Don’t dismiss that emotion! It could be too late for a long-term solution once the snow starts to fall.

Your roof is the most significant purchase you will ever make since it serves as your main line of defence against damage to your house. It might have terrible consequences if you don’t take frequent care of it. You may be in for a very long, chilly winter if your home has leaks, cracks, inadequate insulation, a lot of snowfall, debris, and ice dams.

The Best Advice for Winterizing Your Roof

Check the ceilings in your rooms.

A roof with dark areas or discoloration is likely to have leaks or cracks in it. The accumulation of snow and ice dams exacerbate this issue further. Speak with a roofing specialist right away to look into and resolve the issue.

Replace any missing or worn-out shingles.

Your roof’s shingles serve as a barrier against the elements, including rain, snowmelt, tree branches, and the elements.

Make sure your gutters are clean.

The easiest approach to avoid ice dams is to clean your gutters. If you don’t, this can lead to leaks and the structural degradation of your house and roof. Maintaining your roof throughout the season is essential to ensuring that it survives the winter, and this includes cleaning your gutters. Avoid giving yourself an excuse. Make an appointment with a roofing company to handle the issue. Believe me. Long-term savings are what you’ll experience.

Change it right now.

It may be time to upgrade your roof with a waterproof shingle underlay. Inquire about this option with your contractor if you are getting your roof redone. It might be especially helpful in seasons when there is a high chance of snow accumulation on your roof. Check out roof gutter cleaning tips if you want to do it yourself.


Above all, consider the potential harm to your house if you neglect to take regular care of your roof and give a professional a call. This winter, be prepared for every kind of weather that may come.


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