23 Small Bathroom Makeovers Using Affordable Ideas

23 Small Bathroom Remodels budget-friendly ideas | Image Credit: hgtv.com
23 Small Bathroom Remodels Budget-Friendly Ideas | Image Credit: hgtv.com

A little bathroom remodel may be a significant undertaking. However, as these low-cost tiny bathroom ideas demonstrate, you don’t need a lot of area or money to have a significant effect. Take a look at how these little bathrooms were totally renovated while maintaining budget and design.

Idea # 01.

Before: Old-Fashioned Bathroom

Image Credit: bhg.com

This area, which was full of antiquated surfaces and fixtures, sorely required renovation. To make the little bathroom more practical for a young family, the outdated flooring, plumbing, tub, and vanity were renovated on a budget. The only things that remained the same were the general design and an octagonal window.

After: Modern Black-and-White Bath

Image Credit: bhg.com

Cement tiles with striking patterns set the tone for this little bathroom. Sections of white subway tile with black grout lines and matte black fittings both replicate the tiling’s striking color scheme. The previous vanity was replaced with a low-cost IKEA vanity to keep costs down. Wood drawer fronts give the modern room depth and character.

Idea # 02.

Before: Old, Impractical Bathtub

Image Credit: bhg.com

The original 1948 pink tub revealed the age of this bathroom from the start. Additionally, the 5×8-foot area proved to be too small for a family who liked showers over bathtubs. This little bathroom now has a far more useful shower and loads of elegance thanks to a makeover.

After: Chic Makeover for a Small Bathroom

Image Credit: bhg.com

The outdated tub in this renovated bathroom has been replaced with a subway tiled walk-in shower to create a modern space. The homeowners preserved the old vanity and only painted and replaced the hardware to keep inside their budget. For a fast, low-cost makeover, they covered the existing floor tile with cheap peel-and-stick tiles rather than replacing it.

Idea # 03.

Before: Stuck in a Timewarp

Image Credit: bhg.com

This 1920s bungalow’s little bathroom was full of character and challenges, but it needed some TLC to reach its full potential. The most urgent issues were an old-fashioned toilet that was leaking water, a soiled pedestal sink, and outdated fixtures. With the exception of labor, this modest bathroom makeover was completed for $1,500 plus some do-it-yourself work.

After: Traditional Small Bathroom Concept

Image Credit: bhg.com

This little bathroom makeover updated the area’s functioning while preserving and enhancing period characteristics. The homeowners added elegant navy-and-gray damask-print wallpaper that they hung themselves, drawing inspiration from the blue floor tiles. Restoring some of the room’s historic character with newly painted brilliant white beaded-board wainscoting turned out to be a more economical option than removing the wallpaper off the floor.

Idea # 04.

Economical Small Bath Idea

Image Credit: bhg.com

Since replacing the old toilet in their bathroom during the makeover, the homeowners have already noticed savings on their water bill. With its much higher efficiency, the new WaterSense-certified model saves money and water. Modern high-efficiency toilets consume as little as 1.28 gallons every flush, compared to up to 5-7 gallons for toilets designed before the 1980s.

Idea # 05.

Tiny Bathroom Sink Concept

Image Credit: bhg.com

A glass shelf and a new medicine cabinet serve as useful storage in place of the pedestal sink, which complements the design of the house but lacks storage. Before hanging wallpaper in a remodeled bathroom, be sure the new recessed medicine cabinet will fit the old space in case the opening has to be adjusted. A white-framed medicine cabinet in lieu of the oak one from the 1990s contributes to the lighter, brighter design of the bathroom.

Idea # 06.

Customized Designs for Small Bathrooms

Image Credit: bhg.com

Store-bought, low-cost accessories can help you stay inside your budget while remodeling a tiny bathroom. With a few do-it-yourself renovations, these residents made the area uniquely their own. Here, permanent fabric adhesive was used to attach an embroidered monogram and ribbon to the shower curtain, creating a personalized appearance.

Idea # 07.

Details of the Small Bathroom Design

Image Credit: bhg.com

A thoughtful touch adds even more character to the space. Reeded glass was added to the built-in cabinet’s original doors, which were inspired by the beaded board’s vertical lines. Custom style is added to a cheap Roman shade window treatment with grosgrain ribbon affixed to it. Lastly, the room was glitzy with new chrome accents.

Idea # 08.

Ideas for Low-Cost Small Bathrooms

This little bath was transformed from boring to fabulous with easy and inexpensive updates. Less than $500 was the total budget for remodeling the modest bathroom. Look for ways to apply the same strategies in your restroom.

Idea # 09.

Before: Possibility of Remodeling the Bathroom

Image Credit: bhg.com

This bathroom was in dire need of renovation, and an unfortunate tragedy forced the decision. It took breaking through the wall to save a pet hamster that had gotten inside the bathroom wall. The next bathroom renovation was finished on a about $1,500 budget.

After: Diverse Minimalist Bathroom Design

Image Credit: bhg.com

The proprietors of this little bathroom turned it into a cheap personal haven by adopting a do-it-yourself mentality. Repurposed for the vanity was an Asian butcher table that was discovered at an antique shop. The table’s straightforward above-counter sink keeps it real. A new mirror gives a contemporary touch, while the floor’s pebble-tile “rug” provides texture and a spa-like element.

Idea # 10.

Chic Small/Compact Bathroom Storage

Image Credit: bhg.com

The wall above the toilet may be made into a storage area for necessities for the bathroom with inexpensive shelves from a home center. A straightforward light-and-dark color strategy makes the little bathroom feel larger throughout, and the vignette over the toilet also features this neutral color scheme. The white towels, photo mats, and bud vase contrast with the dark hues of the picture frames, artwork, and bookcases.

Idea # 11.

Blend Vintage and Modern Styles

Image Credit: bhg.com

The key to creating the distinctive look of this little bathroom is combining modern and antique elements. The vintage vanity features a worn finish and simple lines. While being elegant, the contemporary sink and faucet pay homage to vintage washstands and bowls. The exquisite fusion of modern and historical design elements.

Idea # 12.

Ideas for Economical Small Bathrooms

Image Credit: bhg.com

The floor of this quirky bathroom has a unique pebble-tile “rug” made of squares of mesh-backed river rock tile. A luxurious touch may be added to the bathroom without significantly raising the expense of remodeling by using a little amount of the costlier pebble tile. Because the pebble and border tiles are the same color, there is a continuous visual plane throughout the floor, giving the impression that the little bath is larger.

Idea # 13.

Walk-in Shower that’s Small

Image Credit: bhg.com

This walk-in shower’s futuristic design is given a timeless sense by its simple subway tiles. A focal point is created on the rear wall by a painting that has been waterproofed with a polyurethane sealant. This shower is open, but it’s broad enough to not cause issues with overspray.

Idea # 14.

Before: Simple and Uninteresting

Image Credit: bhg.com

This 5×5-foot lavatory room needed two rounds of renovation to go from plain to fabulous. The homeowners were able to implement upgrades gradually because of their careful planning method. This frugal budgeting strategy allowed the little bathroom renovation project to stay within the $2,000.

After: Elegant Powder Room Renovation

Image Credit: bhg.com

A few reasonably priced adjustments gave this bathroom area a sophisticated makeover. A thin pedestal sink gives the area a beautiful contour without using much room. In this little bathroom, the easily cleaned wainscoting beneath the sink offers a charming architectural detail. Placing the painted beaded board just beyond the wall’s middle leads the eye upward, adding a layer of charm and a sense of height.

Idea # 15.

Big Style, Small Bathroom

Image Credit: bhg.com

The timeless and adaptable design of the white pedestal sink is resistant to fashion. The straightforward pedestal over the sink, lacking a base cabinet, optically expands the space. The sink was installed with a brushed nickel faucet, which has a timeless charm. Its broad rim makes it the ideal place to display lovely soaps or a tiny vase of flowers.

Idea # 16.

Ideas for Small Bathroom Walls

Image Credit: bhg.com

The large, paisley-patterned wallpaper enhances the design of the little bathroom and provides a sophisticated contrast to the clean, straightforward lines of the wainscoting below. The design of light blue and rich gray maintains the overall color palette neutral while adding visual intrigue. The brushed nickel hardware is perfectly complemented by the cold tones.

Idea # 17.

Charming Small Bathroom Accents

Image Credit: bhg.com

In a tiny powder room, storage requirements are usually low. Including a tiny cabinet gives you somewhere to stash extra hand towels and toilet paper rolls. There’s also space to showcase ornamental accessories on top.

Idea # 18.

Tiny Bathroom Flooring Concept

Image Credit: bhg.com

Even though this little bathroom renovation was completed on a tight budget, the homeowners were still able to indulge a little because the space didn’t require any flooring. The decor of the bathroom is well complemented by this woven mosaic tile, which is also quite durable. Replace the ornate tile around the room’s border with less expensive plain tile to maximize your remodeling budget.

Idea # 19.

Before: Confined Space

Image Credit: bhg.com

There was plenty about this tiny bathroom that was lacking in terms of design and space. But, a clever renovation that added not a single inch changed the little bath’s appearance or use. The entire renovation cost was around $2,000.

After: Easy Little Bathroom Renovation

Image Credit: bhg.com

An elegant and peaceful 7×6-foot hall bathroom was made over by two enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers. They did much of the work themselves and used astute purchasing to create their fresh appearance. They used a soothing color combination of gentle green, white, and brown to help the little space feel larger.

Idea # 20.

Ideas for Painting a Small Bathroom

Image Credit: bhg.com

The calm, gentle green color makes the tiny bathroom appear larger. The robe, towels, and white sink offer clean contrasts to the green walls. The framed mirror, accessories, and deep brown vanity give the bathroom’s color scheme a dramatic touch.

Idea # 21.

Repurposed Vanity in Bathroom

Image Credit: bhg.com

An affordable nightstand was converted into a vanity to aid with cost savings during renovating. It has a more upscale appearance and is a classy substitute for a standard vanity. You may put little objects in the nightstand drawer, which is still usable. Splashing is reduced by the huge above-counter sink, and the lacquer finish on the nightstand makes it water-resistant.

Idea # 22.

Ideas for Compact Bathroom Storage

Image Credit: bhg.com

To keep things accessible and to open up the little bathroom, the heavy linen closet doors were removed. Organizing similar products, like makeup and washcloths, in baskets keeps the open storage from appearing cluttered. The sleek design is maintained by open glass jars containing other bathroom necessities.

Idea # 23.

Inexpensive Wall Art for Bathrooms

Image Credit: bhg.com

Affordable art may give your little bathroom a gallery-like appearance. This subway sign painting was inspired by a trip to New York City. These computer-generated signs were printed, adhered with adhesive on thin boards, and then decorated with decoupage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a modest bathroom makeover typically cost?

The average cost of remodeling a bathroom can range from $1,000 to $20,000, depending on the size of the job. However, by preserving the existing plumbing, load-bearing walls, and bathroom layout, expenses can be considerably reduced. You may also save money by repairing bathroom cabinets rather than replacing it and by choosing a prefabricated shower or tub rather than bespoke tiling.

What’s the time frame for remodeling a tiny bathroom?

Once more, the length of time required for a bathroom redesign depends mainly on its size, but you should budget one to seven weeks for the process. Although it can seem like a lengthy time, the program takes a lot of preparation and nuances into account. It will take time to demolish, prep, install, and complete every element—even if all the tiling, fixtures, and cabinets are easily obtainable.

Which improvements increase a tiny bathroom’s worth the most?

The improvements that will yield the highest return on your investment, aside from functional aspects like fixing leaks or ventilation problems, are modernizing the countertops and floors, refurnishing the shower or bathtub, enhancing the lighting, and including additional storage options like built-in cabinets or a double vanity. Cheap do-it-yourself tasks like painting a new bathroom mirror, updating cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, and towel hooks may also add value to a tiny bathroom.


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